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עדנה מוצרי טבע- ג'יגוש פלוס בסירופ- תמונת המוצר

Gigosh Plus


100 ml

Herbal extract syrup intended to help students learn, accept, listen, desire, and succeed!

Adaptogenic plant extracts. The plants in the formula are known in the tradition of Eastern cultures to improve thinking functions - memory, attention and concentration, to achieve emotional stability, to improve learning abilities, and general functioning. Adaptogenic plants are characterized by the ability to help to deal with stress and overload situations_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d and reach a calm and peaceful functioning.  

Also contains Ondria algae as a source of iodine and minerals essential for normal mental function.

The formula has been upgraded and added to it the plants of Beninkase Plus formula: Beninkase and ginger.

This is from rich experience in combining the products that give strong and fast results and also combine a deep emotional solution, which accompanies attention disorders in most cases.

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