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Sunflower lecithin 600 mg

Sunflower lecithin 600 mg

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for your attention!

Following the war in Ukraine (the main supplier of sunflower lecithin) there is a global shortage. Temporarily - the product is marketed in the kosher of Rabbi Rubin with a black and white label. The rest of the label contents are unchanged.

60 capsules

Lecithin is a basic and essential component in our body that builds the framework = the cell membrane. The cell membrane protects the cell from the entry of unwanted substances, and pulls essential substances into the cell. Lecithin has a unique emulsifying ability (=emulsifier) that allows the dissolution of fats and aqueous phases. This property helps the body make water-soluble and oil-soluble components available for use, and eliminate unwanted excesses.

To balance cholesterol and fats in the blood, a fatty liver, helps the nervous system, heart and blood, and is essential for normal brain functions (including attention and concentration). Recommended for preventing blockages and infections during breastfeeding.

Sunflower lecithin is considered a preferred and high-quality substitute compared to soy lecithin.

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