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עדנה מוצרי טבע- משחת הצלה 80 סמק וכמוסות ארמה בוסט אצות יפניות- תמונת המוצרים

A gift for the mother - Arma Boost+ Salva 80 ml

₪174.00 Regular Price
₪155.00Sale Price

Arma Boost 60 capsules

To strengthen thyroid activity, anemia, treatment of weakness and exhaustion, creation of hormonal balance, restoration of thyroid gland after childbirth.

Contains a high concentration of natural iodine which is necessary for women of reproductive age and especially during pregnancy and after childbirth. 

For complete information, restrictions and instructions for use

Rescue 80 cc

Contains concentrated and natural Pro-Vitamin A, which has a fast and powerful ability to regenerate damaged tissues and reduce the pain of the injury.

It is recommended to follow  the instructions for useon the information page.

*Does not come in a gift box*

The price does not include shipping fees

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