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 Pro-Darnell Good Night

עדנה מוצרי טבע- תוסף כמוסות צמחים פרודרנל גוד נייט

60 herbal capsules*

Herbal supplement for mental relaxation.

A formula of adaptogenic plants that are traditionally used for calming in situations of overactivity of the brain, which impairs the ability to sleep and causes distinct stress diseases such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases.

The composition of the formula and the activity of the plants in the Pro-Dernal Good Night supplement

The ingredients of the preparation and their known properties from popular use and contemporary research -

Withania -  Withania somnifera -Adaptogen, for sleep disorders, for stress and anxiety, improving memory and thinking functions, for anemia, strengthening the immune system, diabetes.

Bacopa monnieri -Adaptogen, LSleep Disorders (insomnia), exhaustion chronic,ADHDmemory disordersanxiety, click / stress, epilepsy.

Nutmeg - Myristica fragrans -For sleep disorders, nausea, stomach pains and cramps, kidney diseases.
Chinese date Ziziphus jujuba -Insomnia, constipation, dry cough, exhaustion and weakness, allergies, vertigo, night sweats.

Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis -Adaptogen, for memory disorders, ADHD, headaches, depression and anxiety.

cumin - Cuminum cyminum -Muscle relaxant and anti-anxiety, rich in iron and good for pregnancy and breastfeeding, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-mutagenic, diabetes and immunomodulator, estrogenic and anti-osteoporosis.

Althea officinalis - For dry conditions, for ulcers and wounds in the digestive tract, for diabetes, menopause, intestinal and urinary tract infections.

Recommended instructions for use for the plugin-

1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening about an hour before bed with water. An effect on sleep will be felt in about a week.

Use restrictions and contraindications-

Caution when used together with prescription drugs.

Do not consume during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

תוספים נוספים בסדרת הפרו-דרנל


תוספי מזון המכילים פורמולות צמחים שהוכחו עבור בעיות שונות הנובעות מסטרס.

למעבר למוצרים המכילים צמחים עבור:

עדנה מוצרי טבע- סדרת התוספים "פרודרנל": גוד נייט, קאלם, מאמ, טו-בי, פיקסל

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