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60 herbal capsules*

Anat Yehuda capsules contain the active ingredient- 

Artemisinin - Artemisinin,Used in conventional anti-malarial drugs, and scientifically proven to have anti-viral and anti-cancer activity.

In a preliminary laboratory study, the substance was found to be effective against the corona disease in its current outbreak (COVID-19). No research on humans has been published yet - the clinical research is in progress.
Many medical studies have proven that the wormwood plant is also very effective for internal inflammations, autoimmune inflammations, arthritis, DNA viruses (such as mono, herpes), flu, and indigestion.
עדנה מוצרי טבע- וירומיזין 60 כמוסות

The activity of the plants in the viromycin supplement-

Artemisia judaica - is a rare plant in Israel, and is found in greater concentrations in the Sinai desert.

An interesting use of wormwood plants to prevent malaria is mentioned in explorers' travels in the 18th century.

The active substance in wormwood is calledArtemisinin - Artemisinin,Used as the most effective conventional medicine for malaria. The material is now also produced by genetic engineering.

Artemisinin and its combinations reduced the mortality from malaria by 70%. Chinese researcher Toyo Yu who headed the research team that led to the discoveryThe artemisinin, won the Nobel Prize (2015) for developing a drug that saved the lives of millions of people. Artemisinin was also found to eradicate schistosoma - the second largest parasite after malaria. In addition, artemisinin shows anti-viral and anti-cancer activity. It has been studied and found to be effective for various types of viruses: a good activity in a laboratory test was achieved against DNA viruses - herpes, cytomegalovirus (CMV - tested in pregnancy and dangerous for fetuses), and Epstein-Barr virus   (EBV known as "mono") . 

Artemisinin and Corona-

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) has published an ad in support of efforts to use traditional medicine that has been proven to be effective in dealing with the corona virus. The ad details only one plant for clarification: Laanat Anua.

Even before the current outbreak of the covid 19 corona virus, a number of plant extracts were already tested in the laboratory in the viral context, among them Anat anua (another species of wormwood) which showed activity against the SARS-CoV virus - the type of corona that broke out in 2002/3. Anat Hanua had the second highest intensity of activity. It should be noted that in recent studies conducted on the current virus, a laboratory activity 9 times stronger than what was achieved in the aforementioned experiment was observed.Surprisingly the whole plant showed stronger activity than artemisinin alone.It is important to emphasize that this is a laboratory experiment, the clinical research is in progress and there are still no published results of research on humans. Today, Anat Anua (the Chinese) and artemisinin are under accelerated examination of factors that joined together to eradicate the corona epidemic. The German "Max Planck" Institute and ArtemiLife Inc. - together with other researchers from Denmark and Germany, is a necessary step in light of the data presented above. The clinical research, as mentioned, is in progress. Another initiative of the Metown company regarding the Corona has also entered high gear.

Reactions to Viromycin treatment

In addition to many feedbacks received from dozens of patients about the use of viromycin, a survey was conducted with close follow-up in the first wave (spring 2020), on 18 patients - most of the survey subjects had previously used frankincense and did not experience satisfactory results. The use of viromycin showed a clear and rapid activity on all the symptoms of corona. At a dose of 8 capsules throughout the day - initial reaction within about 12 hours. The patients also reported an improvement in other problems such as herpes, "tics", digestive problems and clarity of thought and treatment of exhaustion. 


Viromycin: the composition of the plants in the supplement-

The supplement contains 100% Anat Yehuda.


Recommended instructions for use for the plugin-

Artemisinin is retained in our body for a relatively short time before it is eliminated through the liver and kidneys, so it is recommended to take the supplement several times throughout the day.

2 capsules should be taken 3-4 times a day, for about 5 days.

3 more days - 4 capsules, and then - continue for a month at a dose of 2 capsules a day. 

Use restrictions and contraindications-

  • Not recommended during pregnancy.

  • In breastfeeding - there is not enough knowledge.

  • Those taking prescription drugs - should be used with caution while monitoring for a reaction.

  • A high dose (8 capsules) may cause hyperarousal, especially in the treatment of diseases that do not cause exhaustion. It is recommended not to consume in the evening.

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