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a breeze

60 herbal capsules*


"Classic" herbal formula from Eastern and Western cultures to balance the female system and especially for dry conditions that characterize the

Menopauseand include hot flashes, dryness of the mucous membranes and bone loss.

עדנה מוצרי טבע- תוסף כמוסות צמחים בריזה

The composition of the formula and the activity of the plants in the Breeze supplement-

The properties of plants known from ancient traditions and contemporary research:

Avraham bush - Vitexagnuscastus–Hormonal balance, to treat almost all menstrual and fertility problems, including menopause.

Black cohosh - cimicifuga racemosa - for various symptoms related to menopause such as hot flashes and dryness, menstrual disorders and sleep disorders as well as hypertension.
Asparagus - Asparagus Racemosus -Adaptogen, for menopause, estrogenic-hormonal booster and youth restorer, prevents bone loss, increases milk, strengthens ovulation, for diabetes, antiviral, calms the digestive system, for constipation and diarrhea, strengthens immunity, strengthens lungs, for anxiety, dementia.
Althea officinalisUsed in herbalism to treat menopause, dryness, ulcers and wounds in the digestive system, diabetes, intestinal and urinary tract infections.

Recommended instructions for use for the plugin-

1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening with water about 10 minutes before the meal. An effect will be felt within 6-10 days, and intensifies over the time of using the supplement.

 use restrictions and contraindications-

  • Caution when used together with prescription drugs.

  • Not suitable for situations of excess moisture.

  • Not pregnant and breastfeeding.

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