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Salvage ointment

80 cc / 40 cc / economy package 480 cc

Ointment containing a high concentration of pro-vitamin A from a plant source for rapid tissue regeneration and pain relief. "Rescue" ointment is a natural first aid for a variety of injuries where the skin needs relief, soothing and nourishment.

עדנה מוצרי טבע- ערכת משחות הצלה שיקום לעור פגום

The activity of the plants in the salve-

The paste is based on a unique extract of carrot that is brewed uniquely by us and controlled throughout the process, to ensure a natural and unprocessed extraction, in a particularly strong concentration. The extract contains a high level of pro-vitamin A - beta carotene - from a natural source. Pro-vitamin A from a natural source which we found to be particularly effective compared to other sources we tested. The medical properties of beta carotene and vitamin A have been studied a lot and have been found to be beneficial for a wide variety of bodily functions. and a fast and strong ability to relieve pain and in particular

  • Alleviation and pain relief (also more internal such as inflammation of internal tissues)

  • Dryness - treatment of dry skin, closing of cracks, softening and flexibility

  • cuts and abrasions

  • Burns - from heat, sun and chemical burns

  • rubs

  • Dry lips

  • Rapid reduction of inflammation caused by a blow (in swelling, redness or a blue-purple mark)

  • Soothing the itching in bites, reducing the swelling of the bite and helping to prevent infection in case of itching that causes bleeding

  • Eczema that does not arise from an internal source

  • Skin fungus and nail fungus relief

  • Breastfeeding pains

  • Diaper rash - it is important to allow it to soak so that it does not soak into the diaper

  • Acne and acne

  • Bruising, swelling and bleeding

  • Diabetic wounds - wound care and preventive care to protect against damage to organs.

  • Pressure sores - helps and relieves a lot, it is recommended to use in advance in regular sitting or lying positions to prevent the development of pressure sores.

  • Prominent veins, especially in the legs

  • Soothing the skin after hair removal


Salvage: instructions for use-

Apply rescue paste  and absorb while lightly massaging for about 5 seconds until no orange color remains. The paste is thick, so a relatively thin layer is enough. The operation must be repeated as necessary.

Without impregnation, the paste may stain and its effectiveness is less!

for acute cases-

Apply a thick layer and close with cling film/glove for a long time (preferably before bed). The effect in this way is very strong.


Warnings and restrictions on the use of the ointment-

The ointment lightens the skin when exposed to direct sunlight. May create uneven spots on the skin, therefore - do not expose to direct sunlight for a long time.

As an oily solid rich in beta-carotene,The ointment may stain.  It is recommended to use caution nearFabrics and surfaces. (Note - if a stain forms on the fabric, it is recommended to wash it twice in a row, in many cases the stain will come off).

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