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For him Tu Day

עדנה מוצרי טבע-תוסף כמוסות צמחים בשבילו טודיי לגברים

60 capsules


Formula herbs for male function.

  • Increasing internal energy and improving mood

  • Strengthening desire and arousal

  • Balancing the level of hormones in the body

  • Stress relief and structural balance

  • raising physical capacity

  • Safe to use - no devastating side effects!

פעילות הצמחים

The activity of the plants in the supplement for him today-​

The plants in the formula are used to increase internal energy, influence the balance of the level of hormones in the body, are relaxing on the one hand and stimulating on the other hand, and help with structural balance, improving mood, and raising physical ability. Some of them are also taken by athletes - to increase physical fitness and develop muscles. Unlike conventional products,

For him Today has no devastating side effects and the preparation is not harmful to body systems such as the circulatory system and the heart.

Also, for him Today is permissible and safe for use by most people, including adults, as will be detailed later.

The hormonal systems in our body are greatly influenced by the activity of the liver which produces  cholesterol, and the redundant kidney is the adrenal gland as it is called in foreign language, which produces the fertility hormones from this cholesterol.

The modern life span, which is rich in pressures, loads and stress, leads to the erosion of the adrenal gland and causes a disruption in the hormonal production of the gland responsible for the production of fertility hormones and in particular male potency. Therefore, to increase the level of hormones, we must strengthen these two organs in particular - the liver and the adrenal gland. Adaptogenic plants were selected for the construction of the formula of Bezho Today - plants that help to adapt and deal with stressful situations, that help to restore the adrenal gland and regulate the secretion and response to cortisol produced in the gland, thereby strengthening hormone levels and building a normal hormonal infrastructure.

The activity of the plants in the supplement is divided into 2 levels:
  1. Immediate activity - for about 3-7 hours.

  2. Long-term activity that reaches its full effect within 3 months.

The composition of the herbs in the formula for him today -

For him today contains maca, withania, rhodiola, common pole-  4 adaptogenic plants that help deal with stressful situations. and the guarana plant - a central plant for treating the problem.

Added each plant on its own gives a cumulative effect in the activity of the formula:

  1. Maca (Lepidium meyenii)- Balances and nourishes the hormonal and nervous system in men and women (including the age of transition). For strengthening in old age, for exhaustion and weakness, antioxidant.

  2. Withania somnifera- Strengthening fertility for men, for exhaustion, and sleep disorders, anxiety, compulsions, hormonal hypoactivity in the thyroid gland.

  3. Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) –for lack of will, anemia, exhaustion and weakness, depression, anxiety, strengthening the heart muscle.

  4. Tribulus terrestris- Improves men's count, desire and function, energizes and warms. Improves female fertility and menopause problems.

  5. Guarana (Paullinia Cupana)- A central plant for the treatment of male function. Nerve stimulator for hormonal function, stimulating and uplifting.


Recommended instructions for use for the plugin-

The preparation is taken on a regular daily basis in order to build a stable and functioning system, and provides a spot boost with increased dosage at relevant time points. In order to express immediate activity, the preparation must be consumed regularly at least 4  days before in the fixed dose. 

For daily use, consume 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening. When necessary, double or even triple the evening dose. To achieve immediate and more effective activity, it is recommended to additionally consume one tablespoon of high quality virgin olive oil at dinner or at night.

For him, Today is building a healthy infrastructure that is designed to function over time regardless of the preparation. After about 3 months of daily use and when the balance is reached - the dose can be reduced, while monitoring until the cessation of use. If necessary, continue for another month and again - reduction during follow-up.

There are cases where, after the balance has been achieved, only point reinforcement will be needed. It is recommended to continue consuming a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in the evening at relevant times.


Usage restrictions and contraindications-

Unlike most products for the treatment of the problem, there are few restrictions on use for him. This is because the formula treats the root of the problem and continuously builds a strong hormonal infrastructure, and does not solve the problem only in a spot-on way by an excessive push of energy that disrupts the other systems, especially the heart and blood.

When there are sleep disturbances - one should be aware of the stimulating nature of the formula, and perhaps take the evening's dose earlier. Those taking drugs for the treatment of depression from the group of MAO inhibitors or  SSRI can only take the formula under medical supervision. In any case, it should be used carefully and gradually along with conventional medicines.


Foods that increase testosterone hormone levels and improve the system:
  • Consuming extra virgin olive oil, and it is important to have it from a reliable company, significantly increases the testosterone hormone. It also prevents its conversion to estradiol and thus high levels of testosterone are maintained. It is recommended to take it regularly, preferably in the evening.

  • Pomegranates and pomegranate juice increase testosterone levels significantly.

  • Oats help release testosterone from its protein binding and make it available.

  • Red beets are also rich in boron, which increases testosterone levels, especially free testosterone, and also increases levels of nitric oxide, which lowers blood pressure and improves blood flow.

  • 2 Brazil nuts a day will contribute to adequate selenium levels which also improve testosterone levels.

  • Cauliflowers of all kinds, including cauliflower and broccoli, contain a substance - indole - 3 carbinol - indole-3-carbinol  which inhibits the production  of estradiol and thus promotes the production of testosterone

  • The allicin in garlic, just from eating fresh garlic, prevents cortisol from interfering with the absorption of testosterone. It is recommended to eat garlic together with parsley to prevent body odor.The Gemara mentions the use of roasted or baked garlic for similar purposes.

for the recipe explaining how to make allicin from

הרחבה- טסטוסטרון
מקורות מחקריים
מזונות המעלים רמות ההורמון הגברי טסטוסטרון ולשיפור המערכת:

  • צריכת שמן זית כתית מעולה, וחשוב שיהיה מחברה אמינה, מעלה בצורה משמעותית את הורמון הטסטוסטרון. היא גם מונעת את הפיכתו לאסטרדיול וכך נשמרות רמות גבוהות של טסטוסטרון. מומלץ ליטול ממנו באופן סדיר, עדיף בערב.

  • רימונים ומיץ רימונים מעלים רמות טסטוסטרון בצורה משמעותית.

  • שבולת שועל מסייעת לשחרר טסטוסטרון מהקשירה שלו לחלבון ומאפשרת את זמינותו.

  • סלק אדום גם עשיר בבורון שמעלה רמות טסטוסטרון ובמיוחד טסטוסטרון חפשי, וגם מעלה רמות של ניטריק אוקסיד שמוריד לחץ דם ומשפר זרימת דם.

  • 2 אגוזי ברזיל ביום יתרמו לרמות סלניום נאותות שאף הם משפרות רמות טסטוסטרון.

  • כרוביים למינהם כולל כרובית וברוקולי, מכילים חומר –אינדול– 3 קרבינול -  indole-3-carbinol  המעכב יצור  אסטרדיול ובכך מקדם יצירת טסטוסטרון

  • האליצין שבשום המושג רק מאכילת שום טרי, או שום שנחתך דק דק ואחרי 20 דקות הוסיפו לו מיץ לימון לשימור מונע מקורטיזול להפריע לספיגת הטסטוסטרון. מומלץ לאכול שום יחד עם פטרוזיליה למניעת ריח גוף. בגמרא מוזכר שימוש של שום צלוי או אפוי למטרות דומות.

למתכון המסביר איך ליצור אליצין משום

מקורות מחקריים






















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