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120 herbal capsules*

Triple sage (Salvia fruticosa), very effectiveTo strengthen the immune system, a powerful antiviral for strong and fast treatment of virusesand even in internal skin infections such asShoshana, viral aphthae in the mouth and ulcers in the digestive tract. Effectively treats staphylococcus infections.

עדנה מוצרי טבע- תוסף כמוסות צמחים שושנה 100% מרווה

The activity of the plants in the Shoshana supplement:

The ingredients of the formula and their properties known from ancient traditions and contemporary research

A wise man has already said about the triple sage, which is the "pharmacy of nature".

In the survey of wild vegetation in Israel as a source of medicines issued by the National Council for Research and Development in 1985, in which over 100 folk healers were interviewed - Arabs, Druze, Circassians and Bedouins, as well as additional information collected from the Mediterranean basin, the following uses were reported:

  1. for colds, flu, coughs and chest pains,

  2. For the treatment and prevention of abdominal pain, liver diseases, dysentery and the treatment of gas and rectal problems (probably referring to "white worms" - Oxyuris equi.) 

  3. To lower blood pressure, heart pain and tremors in the hands, to relieve joint pain and deep wounds and cuts (external use).

From the experience here in Israel - in the last decades, additional new and interesting uses have been discovered for the triple merova:​

  • The digestive system and the immune system -  and various infections in the digestive system. The respiratory system, wounds, aphthae and "shoshana", and earaches.

  • The hormonal system - diabetes, hypertension, fertility treatments (only under the direction of professional counseling. Not allowed during pregnancy and breastfeeding)

  • Nervous system - relaxation and improvement of stressful situations, disturbing thoughts, depression, anxiety hand tremors, insomnia, attention and concentration.

From our patients in the field, surprising results were obtained from the treatment of various and stubborn infections in the body, which other products did not help (bacterial, fungal and viral infections) - wounds in the digestive system, internal skin infections such as ringworm, viral aphthae in the mouth, herpes.

Shoshana: the composition of the plants in the formula-


The product contains 100% triple sage.​


Recommended instructions for use for the plugin-

in a state of illness (acute)-

8 capsules per day for 3 days. Then 4 capsules per day, until the symptoms pass completely (takes about a week) + another week. TheFlu is usually felt within two days.

To strengthen the immune system and prevent viruses -

3 capsules a day, according to the restrictions of use. Better to take three times, if possible.

 use restrictions and contraindications-

  • Pregnancy - Do not use.

  • Breastfeeding -  The plant is drying, so be careful when using it due to the possibility of a reduction in milk production.

  • Sage is an estrogenic plant (similar to soy). Intensive use may cause disruptions in the menstrual cycle and on the other hand, the plant is used in fertility treatments and hot flashes of menopause.

  • Not allowed in epilepsy.

  • ​Lowers blood pressure and may lower sugar - caution in patients with low blood pressure and/or diabetes.

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