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Massage paste - back and knee

50 cc \  480 cc

Ointment containing plants designed to relieve rheumatic pain in the joints, muscles and especially in the knees.

עדנה מוצרי טבע- משחת גב וברך 50 ו-480 סמק.jpg
פעילות צמחים
הוראות שימוש

The activity of the plants in the back and knee massage paste-

Among its other properties, the Yehuda herb is known to be traditionally used for quick and long-term relief of rheumatic pain in the muscles, joints and knees, for the treatment of tendinitis, cartilage erosion and prominent veins. and helps to alleviate the pain accompanying the mentioned symptoms.

 "Artemisia Judaica"- A rare desert plant known in Arab medicine and backed by scientific experiments proven to treat arthritis and rheumatic pain, strengthen capillary tone (improves blood flow and oxygen to the organs) and skin disinfection.

The wormwood plant, which is used to prepare a family of conventional anti-malarial drugs, has been widely studied in the world by medical institutes and pharmaceutical companies through careful research and has shown strong and clear activity on a wide variety of diseases.

>For extensive information on studies on the wormwood plant

Carrot extract (Carrota dauctus)Brewed by us and contains a particularly high level ofPro vitamin ANatural: known for its unique properties as a tissue regenerator as well as the ability to relieve pain and reduce swelling resulting from inflammation.

To the 2 base components were added extracts ofolive leaves (Olea europea)for dilating arteries and healing inflammationsStevia (Stevia rebaudiana) –for rheumatism pain and to strengthen the nervous system.

We prepare all the extracts from the original plant in a unique extraction in order to distill the active components in an optimal way.

The ointment has proven experience since 2009 among repeat customers who enjoy back and knee ointment.

Back and knee: instructions for use-

Apply and absorb while massaging clockwise. To strengthen the result, it is recommended to massage for about 1/2 minute while absorbing the paste. It is recommended to apply at least twice a day.

We have accumulated experience that shows that sometimes the root of the pain is in the appropriate location in the spine that innervates the painful organ. Therefore, it is recommended to apply also on the spine, in the place closest to the treated area.  

Use restrictions and contraindications for the ointment-

May lighten the skin unevenly when exposed to direct sunlight.

As a solid rich in beta carotene, the paste may stain. It is recommended to use with caution near fabrics and surfaces. (Note - if a stain forms on the fabric, it is recommended to wash it twice in a row, in many cases the stain will come off).

Pregnancy - regular use is prohibited, as licorice has estrogenic properties.

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